Mother’s Day wrap-up

The last two Mother’s Days in particular have been kind of awesome for me. You can read about them here and here. To be honest, I didn’t want to have any expectations leading in to today, as that can often lead to disappointment, so I kept calm and hoped for the best! The morning was so lovely with a sleep in, and breakfast in bed and gifts and cards. Thanks to Marty for taking the photos 🙂

Julius is holding a pillow case with a photo of the four kids, from Gran!
Flowers from Quinn, Gran and Marty

Chance decided to make me an omelette, with some help from Marty, and it was all lovely and delicious. We had a pretty cruisey morning with some card-making for Gran before heading over there for lunch. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a photo of the eight of us before Marty headed home after lunch, but it was really lovely having us all together.

Cheers to one of the absolute best mums around!

The wheels fell off a little after lunch for a while, so I quietly told the kids that I would like 45 minutes to myself, and locked my bedroom door and just chilled out (and ate some chocolate!) After that, Quinn and I hung out together and did some painting while the boys played some video games. It was very rainy and as lovely as it would have been just to stay at home the rest of the day, Chance had a basketball game at 4:50pm and I had decided it would be a great idea to go all together to support him!

He’s still figuring it all out but giving it a great go!

Chance hasn’t been playing long but he’s really enjoying it and wants to get better. Last Sunday, which was his first game, he only got two touches the whole game, but this week he was much more involved and backed himself a few times to go for the ball.

Support Crew!

We got home a bit after 6pm, had dinner and a glass of bubbly, and finished the day with a couple of episodes of Bluey.

A family fave

So yeah, look, a mixed bag for sure this year, but all and all a very decent Mother’s Day. I hope, wherever you are, you got to be with family and loved ones, and that you got to celebrate your nearest and dearest. It’s the start of Julius’ birthday week, so lots still happening around here indeed!

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