“At our beach, at our magic beach…

…. we play in the sand for hours.”

Alison Lester is one of my favourite authors, and Magic Beach, gifted to us by Uncle Felix, is one of our favourite stories. It describes a place where families and friends come together to make memories, and use their imaginations to whisk them away to magical places. I feel like Pizzey’s is one of our “Magic Beaches”, as is the beach in front of my parent’s house. When we were deciding what to do for Mother’s Day, I asked the kids if they would like to go to “our beach” at Gran and Grumpy’s and it was a resounding YES! We arrived at 10:30am to glorious weather and the calmest water I’ve seen in a long time.

After swimming, sand castle building, and all the things, we had to drag the kids away around 12:30 as we were getting hungry and we knew how quickly the kids could go from content to hangry! We had the whole beach to ourselves for almost the whole time, and it wasn’t until we were walking up the hill that we saw there were heaps of people in the grassy area having picnics. It’s so bizarre that 1km each way it can be incredibly crowded, as it was yesterday, and yet we have the place mostly to ourselves, almost every time we head down.

It was absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted for Mother’s Day. Especially after a wonderful breakfast in bed and gifts and flowers galour!

I love that my kids are now at an age where they can make me pancakes and can warm up my (pre-made) coffee and deliver it, all on their own. There was lots of planning the day before which was all part of the joy. I was presented with a massage gun (that I had bought on line for them to give me!) as well as a pop-up massage shop, a message in a beautiful bottle, and did I mention the flowers!?!

And this is the lettuce that keeps on giving! When Darby was attending childcare three years ago, they presented the mums with a lettuce plant that the kids had planted a month or so before, so we re-potted it at home, and this is still that same plant! Each time we get a lettuce, we cut it off, eat it, and then another ones grows. It’s so awesome!

So Dad cooked us a delicious BBQ lunch (that we ate close to 2:30!) and we threw together a salad and it was just the nicest morning and lunch and weather…

…and it wasn’t over yet! I got to go to Zumba with three of my favourite school mums, and came home to a very tidy house. But wait, there’s more! Chance and Quinn and I stayed up to watch some Lego Masters.

And to top off an absolutely incredible Mother’s Day, I finally finished watching the series New Girl. Frith and I watched about half of it years ago, but we lost interest along the way. I got back into it and had two episodes to watch last night. It was a lovely end to a show that seriously gave me lols quite regularly.

So that’s a wrap on Mother’s Day 2021 people! I really had such a wonderful day. Sometimes Mother’s Day is a bit of hard work, as the kids will still be kids (there was fighting and tears and arguing at times) and as much as we would like to think they can press pause on that normal behaviour on our special day, it’s unrealistic and sets me up for being annoyed and disappointed. I went in to the weekend with an open mind and extra patience and it was absolute perfection. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums in my life who make this parenting journey easier. You know who you are, (basically every mother I know!!) and I hope you know how much you mean to me. xxx

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