Tonight was the first night in the last 16 days of blogging that I’ve thought “ugh” when the reminder popped up to blog tonight. There have been other days that I’ve nearly forgotten (hence the daily reminder) but have been relieved I haven’t missed a day. Today I feel tired and uninspired. So I’m just going to type and see what happens.

It’s rainy. My absolute favourite weather. I feel safe and happy when it’s raining, though it is a pain having to go out in it, and trying to get washing dry. But generally, I love it. That first smell. Petrichor it’s called. Did you know that? If not, a fun fact for you. It’s a smell of comfort, of life, of soothing nature. Everyone knows the smell, they just might not know it’s a “thing”.

I tuned in to a virtual P&C meeting tonight. The kids behaved very well for it which I’m pleased about. I volunteered to coordinate the school’s big fund-raiser of the year – a big preserves stall at the local Sandgate Festival at the end of July. They aim to sell around 1000+ jars, and I’m making over 100 of them. Maybe more like 150+ I just realised. I made 23 jars of Mango/berry jam today, and I’ve also made the Guinness Chutney and Sandwich Pickle. Lots more to go and lots of coordinating to do, but I’m really enjoying the challenge. It’s all the other stuff that I’m falling behind on to be honest!

I want to paint some cards tonight for a few birthdays coming up so I’ll leave it there. A bit of a nothing post, but another day of writing so it’s a win. Laters.

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