Zumba makes me cry

As you may have read in the About Renae section of this blog, I am a recent convert to Zumba. A very dear school mum friend of mine got me into it, and I’m not going to lie, I’m so hooked. There are four classes a week on offer and I have gotten to at least two each week, and sometimes three. If I hadn’t been doing my squat challenges, rowing and getting back into walking after foot injuries this year, Zumba would be killing me, but thankfully I’m somewhat conditioned, and only getting better.

But it’s not the quick pivot moves that are hard on the knees, nor the lunge tracks that bring a tear to the eye. It’s the music. And more specifically, the cool-down tune at the end. You guys know how important music is in my life – there is always music playing in my house (right now I’m listening to “Acoustic Hits – oldies but goodies” – kind of like me) and I get all the feels, depending on what I’m listening to.

Tonight I was ready for a big session. I was ready to work hard and sweat it out. It’s been a big few weeks for me and this week was a little tougher than most, so I needed to release some energy and get some endorphins happening. I gave it my all, and was pretty wrecked but proud of my efforts by the end. Then the cool down track came on.

This Is Me.

I had no bloody chance. All those empowering “never give up” lyrics, the quiet start and big finish. Oof. Thankfully I had brought a sweat towel, so as soon as the track finished, I had a little sob into my towel, took a few deep breaths, and packed up my things. And may I tell you, this isn’t the first time that has happened. Father’s Day is understandably a tough day for us, and I needed to get my Zumba on that afternoon. Very similar scenario. Cool down track that day?

Every Breath You Take/I’ll Be Missing You.

Yuh huh. Brutal. But oh so therapeutic as I’m sure you will understand. This is the first exercise since Fit Mums in Rocky that I have absolutely loved and it’s so nice to “find my thing” again. I wonder what next week’s cool down track will be…..


  1. Oh, so lovely to see that you are back blogging again Renae…. I was thinking of you all, especially on Father’s Day!! Soo glad you have found Zumba…enjoy and lots of love to you all. AnneXx

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