Three little words

I think as adults we go through phases of what we need to hear/what we want to hear depending on what we are going through at the time. From friends, partners, loved ones, parents. It changes depending on where we are at with life and with ourselves. Sometimes we need to hear I love you; other times it’s you’re so pretty; and even wow you’re hot. You are smart; you’ve got this; wow you’re awesome; you look great; you’ve lost weight

But what I’ve realised, through my 20+ years of being an adult, my nearly 10 years of being a parent, is what I feel has the greatest impact for me at least, is the knowledge that I am capable. It’s not even something I need to hear from other people, but more the self-belief that’s important. 

The realisation that yes, when a crisis arises, or a problem presents itself, I am capable of handling it. Whether it’s seemingly insignificant like a malfunctioning Bluetooth speaker – which is actually a big deal because music is my life – or setting up a new blog from scratch (ho-boy) or a huge life changing event, or something in between like navigating our way through Covid and having to explain things to my kids that I have no certainty around. Knowing, believing that we are capable is such a strength, and such an important piece of armour in our day to day battles. 

So may I say to you today, that you are capable; more than you realise. Start seeing that in yourself and you may notice the world around you seem a little less scary, and a little more easily conquered. 


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