Darby is 9!

Say “Ice creeeeeeeam!”

Having two kids’ birthdays within a month before Christmas is always a bit of a wild time around here. Darby’s actual birthday was last Thursday and we started the day with presents and Coco Pops of course!

Sleepy and so excited!

Darby is always so incredibly grateful and thankful when he receives gifts and he (and all my kids) are in a lovely habit of reading cards they are given which makes me really happy. After their final proper day of school, Marty and I took then kids out for ice cream to celebrate Darby’s birthday as well as the end of the school year.

Celebratory ice cream

It was a glorious day and I had to take advantage of the beautiful conditions and take some nice photos.


And today sees the end of birthday season with Darby spending the day with some friends for a little party. It’s been a big day (week/fortnight/month!)

Thankfully they were the only ones flipping out!

We started the day at home with some handball battles before heading to Flipout for a two hour session of jumping and flipping and having a blast! We pretty much had the place to ourselves for the first hour which was surprising, then it started to get busy as we were leaving. Bonus!

Pizza at the park

We then headed around the corner via Dominos for pizza at Pine Rivers Park and another run around. We then headed home for some chill time playing some Mario games on the Switch.

Thank goodness for Chance getting everyone sorted!

And of course there was cake! Darby wanted a Kirby cake, and he was very happy with the end result. He also helped make the cake and decorate it which always makes it taste better.

What he wanted vs what we created 🙂
Such a great crew!

A HUGE shout out to Jaimie for being my wing-woman today, helping with transporting and keping me company for the day. It would have been so much harder without her around and I’m sad I didn’t get a photo of us together!!


It’s been an epic day and from the sounds of the very happy kids playing in my loungeroom, a good time has been had by all! They will all head home soon and then I’ll need to decide what to serve for dinner, but I’m hoping after a big day, toasted sangas will be good enough.

Now I guess I should start thinking about Christmas… 🙂

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