There’s a teen in the house!

Chance is 13!!

It’s official! Chance is a teenager. My goodness what a life this kid is living. He is funny and kind and looks after his siblings (mostly) and he loves his family so much. I said in last year’s birthday post that he would probably be taller than me by this birthday, but I think he’s only just as tall as me so he still has a little bit to go!

Proud Mama
Presents in the morning!

Chance had a few friends over yesterday to play video games, have Nerf gun battles in the back yard, jump on the trampoline, play more video games and have cake before we headed out to bowling.

The boys

There was such a mix of energy and personalities in this group, and it was lovely to see Chance kindly and gently directing his friends when he felt like things were getting a little wild!

I was honestly a little nervous about taking them out bowling and then to sushi train, but they were all really well behaved and they had such a great time!

I loved that they all agreed very quickly on sushi train for dinner, instead of Maccas or HJs. The old-ish couple at the table beside us commended me on their behaviour, saying they seem like a nice group of friends. You can’t ask for much more than that can you!?

Aw Chance. It’s been a wild ride these past 13 years! I have made many mistakes and I will continue to do so, but you always cut me slack and accept my apology without hesitation and without holding a grudge, and you are always quick to apologise when you need to. You make me want to be a better Mama every day, and you bring so much joy to our lives. I know your teen years are going to be a mixture of joy, heartache, confusion, fun and crazy times with your friends. I cannot wait to continue this ride with you.

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