In-between birthday party

Thanks Kate for capturing this moment between my boys!

Because Chance and Darby’s birthdays are only 10 days (and four years) apart, we usually have what the kids call an “in-between birthday” party for them on the weekend in-between their birthdays, hence the name. I thought I would try my luck and let Uncle Felix know about the party to see if he could make it, and make it he did! Not only that, but he bought his eldest daughter Addie with him as well. The kids were thrilled when I told them! It took Addie about an hour to adjust to being amongst the chaos of four bigger kids, but from then on she was amongst it all.

Addie was happy to be one of the gang for the weekend

Felix’s first adventure on Saturday morning was to take the kids to Chermside aquatic centre from 8am for waterslides and hours of fun in the sun while I pottered around preparing for the party. It was bliss and everybody was happy!

He makes it look easy!

They then headed to the shops to stock up on fun things that Mama normally says no to before heading home in time for the party. I had decided on Emoji cakes for the boys and was really happy with how they turned out!

Matching emoji face to emoji cakes!

We had a pinata of course and the kids had a great time tearing around with family and friends. I do love hosting these birthday celebrations for my kids and was so happy to be surrounded by people who are always around to lend a hand and who are helping me raise these lovely kids.

The next morning, Felix took the kids down to a local cricket field to fly a radio-controlled plane that he had bought Chance a few months ago, and coincidentally they came across a couple of guys who regularly head down to fly their planes!

Their planes were next level!

They then came home for a quick change, then it was back to the local pool for a quick swim before getting Hungry Jacks for lunch, then we took Felix and Addie to the airport to say goodbye after another amazing trip!!

Until next time!!

It was such a great visit and the kids all got thoroughly spoilt. Addie loved having the older kids doting on her and my kids adored having her here. As an added bonus, my dear friend Kelly was staying with us for the night and Marty headed back down to stay for the week, so the socials kept on going!

Family dinnerrrrrrr!

My heart and belly were well and truly full after the weekend celebrations, but I might need a bit of time to recover before the next big event 🙂

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