Girl time

I’m so proud of my Quinny. She participated in the Creative Generations showcase with her school this week, after months of rehearsals and preparations.


She has shown so much resilience with all the long rehearsals and late nights and sugar highs and all the things!

Before the show

Quinn was in two dances this year, Jump and Higher Love.

She has had the time of her life with wonderful friends and amazing teachers and parents to help along the way ❤

Proud Mama

I decided months ago, since the show is in at South Bank over a few days, that I would book a hotel for us on the Friday night to avoid at least one of the super late nights. Quinn was so excited about this, and it was nice to have time together, just the two of us.

She was so excited about the hotel room!

We had a relatively good night sleep, and woke up and watched Matilda the Musical together in bed before heading out for a delicious brunch.

Sooooo good!

They are just finishing off their last performance and there is already so much talk of next year’s show! It’s been a big job of coordinating all the car loads of kids to and from rehearsals and for show week, but here we are, exhausted but thrilled with how it all went. What incredible memories these kids are making together.

Thank you as always to Gran and Grumpy for holding down the fort at home and having a lovely time with the boys!

I’ve had some wonderful quality time with the lovely mamas of these talented kids, and like Quinn, have made a few new friends along the way. So grateful for all the hard work these people put in to get over 1800 students dancing, singing and playing instruments all together for an amazing showcase of talent.

We’ll be back next year for sure 🥰


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