Dear Renae, 2033

I’m doing a daily yoga body and mind challenge at the moment (I like to mix it up!) which entails about 10-12min yoga session in the morning, then a mind challenge for the day. Today’s word is “Dream” and when she initially talked about it during the yoga session I thought to myself “I dream all the time about what I want my life to look like. Maybe I do too much dreaming and not enough planning and action!” But when she got to the part of explaining the challenge today, it was to write a letter to ourselves, 10 years from now. I just sat down to do it, thinking I would share it here but I actually got quite emotional while writing it, and felt like it was just a bit too personal.

But it was a good exercise and I have scheduled to send it to myself in 10 years time, which, if I can manage to forget about it (easily done) will be a bit of a spin out! I hope I am happy and healthy and surrounded by family and friends. Gosh 10 years. Will be very interesting to see what that looks like…

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