Before and After: The Garage

Ooooooh I do love a good before and after shot, don’t you!?

I’ve been finding it a bit of a challenge this year to adult when I’m the only person home. I’m okay with the day-to-day running of the household (cooking, cleaning, washing) but it’s the big tasks I’m lacking motivation for.

Most of you will know by now that I am an extreme extrovert. I don’t know if there is a scale, but if there is, I’d be at the pointy end of it. I need people around me. Having people around me energises me and springs me into action. Now I should say “adults” as my kids generally have the opposite affect on me, in that they drain use up deplete all my stores take take take are normal children with normal needs, but because more often than not it’s four of them and only one of me, I’m often left feeling quite drained. Although there are certainly times when this is not the case, and I do appreciate when they help with a task I am tackling.

I digress.

I wanted to tidy up my garage area a few weeks ago, as every time I looked around down there, I would groan and get frustrated with not knowing where to start. I knew I needed help, and I knew just the woman to ask. Enter Super Gran!! We went from this:

SO much stuff…
It was really stressing me out!!

To this!…

It’s actually looking even better than this now!
I’ve done even more clearing since!

It was honestly such a load off my mind. We spent two full hours and absolutely blitzed the place and it is still looking fantastic over a month later. I decided to ask Mum if we could make this a weekly occurance – where she comes over a few hours each week and helps me put my big girl pants on and get some big stuff done. We have done two more rooms since then, which I will share in the next few days!

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