Before and After: The Lego Room

Ugh. The Lego Room. Yes I’m extremely grateful that we have a dedicated Lego room, but a) it’s not as though Lego is confined only to the Lego room (if only!!) and b) I’ve spent the past four years trying to keep it in some semblence of order. There are many before and after shots of the Lego room, not that I can find any at this moment, but here is one from the other day:

Before (obviously)

The Lego room is the first room you see as you enter our house, and I was so tired of walking in and being immediately frustrated and somewhat embarrassed, so when Gran was over the other day, she helped the kids and I get stuck into getting it cleared away. It’s not any more sorted but gosh it felt good to get it all off the floor and everything swept.

After (cue Angels singing!)

Even the horrible yellow/brown bricks look shiny! And of course, the kids wanted to play in the room and immediately start building which I absolutely loved. One of these days I will sort our brick pit out once and for all, but not today. 🙂

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