Cutting it fine

The clock just ticked over past 9pm, so technically still three hours to get my blog post in, but normally I have a shower at this time, chat to Marty at 9:30, then head to bed after that. So yeah, this is a small window but sometimes that’s all I need. I’ve found myself writing blog posts in my head again, which hasn’t happened for quite some time. Like when I’m riding home from school drop off and think “oh I should blog about how I ride a bike again and how I have had some wobbles but haven’t fallen off, and how in life we have these wobbles and most of the time we get back on track and don’t fall but sometimes we do fall and it hurts, but we still get back on track and continue on” or something like that. It’s the bones of a blog post that might turn in to something in the next month or so, but in the mean time it’s just nice to be thinking “I could blog about that” again.

Today was hectic to say the least. I thought about giving you a run-down on my day but then…. ah what the heck. This is what it looked like:

Up at 6:30am, breakfast and lunches for the kids, rode up to school for drop off, rode home, sorted the dirty laundry, put a load on, did a 40min PT session with Beth, in the middle of which took a load of washing out and put the next one in, showered, swapped the third load, drove up to the school to help out with reading groups in Julius’ class, took Darby and Quinn to the Optometrist which took nearly two hours all up (Darby needs glasses) came home, hung two loads out, put a 4th load on, made some dough for pizza scrolls, popped out to pick something up from a friend’s house, registered Chance for basketball, paid two bills, rode to school for pick up, rode home, made afternoon tea for my four kids and Darby’s friend, punched down pizza dough, chopped up chicken and veg for dinner, took Chance to Zilmere for first basketball training session, drove home, picked up Darby and his friend, dropped them off at basketball at Bracken Ridge, drove back to pick Chance up, took him to pick Darby up, drove home, ate dinner (that Mum had put together), started making pizza scrolls for lunch boxes, put boys to bed, did all the folding, put Chance and Quinn to bed while finishing off scrolls, cleaned the kitchen, paid two more bills, and now here I am.

I don’t document this for any reason other than in 5-10 years time when the kids are less demanding (maybe 20 years???) I’ll have this to look back on and remember, and no doubt there will be a smile on my wrinkled face as I recall this crazy time in my life. I’m not going to lie though, I’m hoping tomorrow will be a little less chaos and a little more chill. A girl can dream, right?? 🙂

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