Christmas 2022

A Christmas eve tradition – new PJs!

I mean, better late than never, right? Last Christmas was a gift that kept on giving for sure! It started at lunch time Christmas eve with our tradition of having Kate and Kyle and Beth and Adam over and playing the present game. Nathan and Marty were able to join us as well, and Marty cooked a brisket (two actually) and we ate and watched the kids play and gosh it was so much fun!

Good food, good company, good times
Backyard soccer between courses!
The last three years with the White boys 🙂

Not long after everyone had left, we had the next round of Christmas Eve cheer arrive! Very dear school friends and their kids came along, hence the need for the second brisket, and Gran and Grumpy also popped in for a bit which was just so wonderful. I’m feeling the joy from that day right now, writing this 2+ months on!

More good food, and good people!

Once everyone had gone home, the kids and Marty and I settled in for a Christmas movie and everyone was in bed and asleep a bit after 9, with just enough time for Marty and I to get everything sorted for the morning. And what a morning it was! It is a bit of a blur to be honest, but some highlights were Darby getting the Lego Spiderman Base that he has been wanting for over a year (thanks Uncle Felix for making that happen!) and also Darby making this gorgeous mug in sculpting class for me to give to Marty. I teared up when he showed it to me a few days earlier, and it was very well received.

Love hearts, M&M (Marty and Mama) and four hearts to symbolise the four kids.
Darby also made himself a mini mug, and Marty is wearing the shirt Chance picked out for him.

I felt very spoilt as well, and we had a really nice easy morning at home building Lego and just having some down time. Marty left mid-morning to go and spend the day with his boys which was so lovely, albeit a little sad that we couldn’t all have the day together, but we made up for in on NYE (another post about that to come!) We had rellies pop over for brunch – my little deck is really getting a work out!

My deck may be small, but it really does a great job!

And then we got ready to head over to Aunty Donna’s for CHRISTMAS SWIM!!!!!! The kids were in the pool for close to three hours and came out famished of course!

I joined them in the pool shortly after this was taken

Just in time for our usual delicious dinner and dessert on the deck. Aunty Donna and her partner Lee have a HUGE new deck and it seated all of us (over 20 people) very comfortably. We then played the present game, had dessert and headed home to fall into a heap! It really was a wonderful couple of days. I absolutely love our Christmas traditions, some old, some new, and look forward to adding to them over the coming years.

A big part of my Christmas joy

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