Quinn is 10!

Well what a crazy birthday week my Quinny had! It all began when we ended up in ED on the Thursday before her birthday with a suspected fracture in her foot, courtesy of an accident with an air mattress and her big brother’s foot. She was given a back-slab cast and we were to report to fracture clinic a week later, on her birthday.

Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, right?

She had planned a sleepover with a few friends and to go roller skating the next morning, so that really threw a spanner in the works. She ended up just having one friend sleepover, and a few come over Saturday morning for cake and movies, so not all was lost.

Red velvet cake, and chocolate cupcakes. Yum!

It was a roller-coaster of emotions for the next few days, only to find out there wasn’t in fact a fracture, but we were given a moon boot just in case, and told to still come back to fracture clinic.

Certainly an improvement on the cast!

Her birthday morning consisted of waffles, flowers and gifts, as well as measuring everyone’s height after I totally forgot on my birthday. Quinn has actually grown the most in six months, at 5.5cm taller!!

Quinn loves getting flowers, just like her Mama 🙂
I’m fairly certain all my kids are going to be taller than me…

We headed back to fracture clinic, and by that point even I was convinced she was fine as she had been walking around on her foot without the moonboot the day before!! So yes, hearing the good news was the best birthday present she could hope for! We headed out for a lemonade and muffin to celebrate after the hospital and before she went back to school.

White chocolate muffins are her fave!

And of course to round off her birthday we had a delicious dinner of steak, crispy potatoes and veges, surrounded by family and friends.

We were all a sweaty mess but the food was amazing as always!

Quinn is a very determined young lady (I think I say that every year! Because SHE IS!!) I love how responsible she is – she remembers things that we have talked about a week ago that completely slip my mind. She can be so kind and generous to her brothers, and she is a very loyal and fun friend. She is creative and has an amazing imagination, and I can’t wait to see what the year brings for her.

Naaaaaaaw 🙂

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