What a lady, what a life

Today, (almost all) my family and I farewelled one of the greats. Nan passed away last Wednesday, but because of Covid, we could only have a small service including 20 immediate family and a close friend or two. I was so proud of my mum for delivering a beautiful eulogy. I can’t imagine how hard that would have been, but she told the story of a life, 87 years wonderfully lived, with more challenges and heartbreak to overcome than most, and I’m sure everyone in the room learned something new about Nan.

My aunty also delivered a wonderful poem she wrote about Nan, and captured her perfectly in her words. My other aunty read a beautiful poem also, my uncle put together one of his famous slide shows, and a few of my cousins and I spoke as well. It really was a wonderful celebration.

Me with Nan, 1980ish
Nan with Quinny, 2013

I looked around after, and was reminded for the hundredth time how awesome our family are, and how lucky we are to be so close and to have each other. And it all began with Nan. It blows my mind whenever I think about it and although sad, I feel so grateful today. It wasn’t the huge bash we were planning, but that will come soon enough. 

Thank you for raising incredible children, who in turn raised your wonderful grandchildren, who in turn are raising your exceptional great-grandchildren. And until we meet again, chip chip cheroo to you, Nan.

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  1. So privileged to call her Aunty Norma. Such a warm and welcoming person. Sad I am unable to share the comfort and give comfort to you and all her wonderful family members. Looking forward to celebrating her life when next we are down in Brisbane.

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