I am here…

I love that song by P!nk. It’s kind of my jam. I turn it right up if I’m at home on my own sometimes. It’s also a really good rate of beats per minute for doing squats to. That’s my PSA for today. You’re welcome.

May we pretend that it hasn’t been nearly three weeks since my last blog post? Yes? Cool. Thanks for that. I appreciate it.

Guys I’ve been busy. I mean the proper busy where I actually don’t have TIME for things, not the type of busy I’ve been since having kids. You know that kind – where you have stuff to do ALL THE TIME but a lot of it can kind of wait, a lot of the time. Like washing, picking up toys for the millionth time, cleaning, picking up more toys, folding, walking around the Lego room sighing. That kind of “busy”. The kind of busy where I can still find time to sit on the couch at the end of the day and watch some episodes of Superstore. The kind of busy where I can still pop to the shop in the morning and find myself having coffee with a friend and not getting home until lunch time.

Then there’s the “I actually really can’t…….” I’m sporadically this current kind of busy – with deadlines and scheduling and not being able to sit in front of the TV at the end of the day – most often in the lead up to November/December and through January with all the birthdays and end of school and Christmas and Christmas cards and school concerts and New Years and another two birthdays and school holidays.

This time round, it’s my study that is sucking up my time and any energy and creativity I may have ordinarily had left at the end of the day. But thankfully I’ve been really enjoying the content (medical terminology of all things!) and the assessments have been super engaging and I really feel like I’m getting somewhere with it all. I have an online assessment via Zoom tomorrow night that I’ve just been finishing off this evening – no TV tonight – and I just really needed to touch base with my little blog family here to say hi.

I’ve written about five blog posts in my head over the last few weeks, ranging in topics from….. ummmm….. oh geez I can’t really remember. Must write some notes down some time. Anyway, they are in there, I promise. One I just remembered was a post about Hope inspired by my blogging and real-life friend Charli over at Happy Hive Mind. I LOVE it when my friends write blogs!! So lovely to delve into someone else’s mind and learn more about them in this intimate yet sometimes vastly anonymous and secluded way. Blogging is such a funny and evolving beast, even for me after nearly 13 years.

This is not a blog post I ever intended to write, but here we are yet again, at the end, with me saying how grateful I am for my many villages in different areas of my life, including this one. I clearly just needed to write tonight, and I thank you for being here xx


  1. Beautiful words as always Renae, It’s always so nice to spend some time with one of your posts! 😍❤️
    I’m so glad you make the time to keep up with your blog, and I can’t wait to read those posts that are rattling around in your noggin!
    You’re wonderful 😘♥️

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