It’s Diablo time

So it must be time to blog!

Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve patronised Mr Henderson and partaken in an ice-cold Diablo Ginger Beer on a hot Friday afternoon, and boy have I missed it! It’s been an interesting start to the school year, with tonsilitis, a subsequent Covid test (-ve of course), homework negotiations, year one blues and tears, and steamy walks to and from school. With week three coming to a close, I’m hoping we are in a bit of a routine and have found our groove. Time will tell!

I’ve been working hard to keep up with my study in between all things life, and with this block being much more challenging than the last, there has been the need for an increase in positive self-talk, combatting the moments of “what was I thinking?? Can I really do this?? Holy crap this is hard!!”

It’s interesting to see myself in Chance, in particular, when it comes to school/learning. I was never a motivated student (unlike Quinn!!) and I just kind of coasted along, not really putting in the effort needed to actually achieve good results. I did better at uni, but only really in the subjects I enjoyed. The others I would get by with 4s, and the occasional 3 (out of 7 – 4 is a pass, 3 is a “you can stay in your course but if you get three 3s, then you’re out! I got two 3s in my uni degree!)

I hear myself encouraging Chance to give his homework a go, all the while knowing that the workbook I need to be working through for my course had lay virtually un-touched for the last two months. It just seemed too hard and I was worried that I would be terrible at it. So today I decided to eat the frog and give it a crack. And you know what? I got most of the first 10 questions (of 49) wrong 🙁 . But that’s okay! Each wrong answer taught me something, and showed the gaps in my knowledge that I really needed to focus on.

I worked really hard four weeks ago, over two days, to get a whole lot of content covered, and assessment done and I found the work really interesting. But then I did nothing for pretty much a month, except listen to the lectures, because “life got in the way and I’m too tired at night to really do anything and I didn’t have access to the work for the new block until yesterday when I should have had it over a week ago because of issues on their website and and and and….” I could hear the excuses, mainly to myself, but also to others, easily rolling off my tongue.

Am I 100% this is the right course for me? Well no, but nothing in life is certain. The course and subsequent job, it seems, isn’t exactly what I thought I was signing up for, but things rarely go exactly as we plan, and I really am enjoying the exercise my brain is getting, so right now I’m going to roll with it, keep eating that frog, and be optimistic that it will soon click for me. 🙂 Wish me luck!

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