The Brick Pit

Everything in life is a process. Most of what we do is automatic, with processes that have been fine-tuned over time for maximum efficiency. Then there are the jobs/tasks/self growth opportunities that take time and thought and commitment, and, more often than not, outside help.

Our Lego collection reached a stage about a year ago that was overly excessive. My friend NicChic and I started sorting it into colours way back then, but I got bored of that very quickly. Then last year after Darby’s and Chance’s birthdays, and then Christmas, it surpassed excessive and went to full blown ludicrous. It had gotten to a point where I was embarrassed by the volume we owned, and how it was all in a million pieces. Thousands of dollars worth, scattered all over the place, being stood on, swept up, not cared for.

Something had to be done.

When our Stanthorpe trip got cut short, I thought enough was enough, and went into full sorting-into-colours mode.

And yes it was as tedious as it sounds. In total, at a guess, there were six of these boxes full. The very last “layer” of each box were aaaaaalllllll of the teeny tiny round and square bits. They nearly did me in…

The kids were a HUGE help, and Chance got stuck in to finding pieces for a Star Wars model as soon as he could. This was the first model built after the sort. The smile says it all.

I got so far, then life got in the way for a couple of days, then my cousin and her kids came over yesterday, and between the two of us adults and “help” from the kids, it was all sorted!!!!

I was excited. So excited. I promise. But I also knew that the job was only really half done. For the grey, black, white and blue Lego, if we want any hope of finding individual pieces, particularly rare ones, they really need to be sorted into the different types of pieces. I got started on the grey today, and it was kind of soul destroying. It was so hard trying to decide how to sort them all – by size? Shape? By number of studs?? It was haaaaaaard.

And there is just so much. I am about to do some research as to the best way of sorting the pieces. I really don’t know when it will get done, but I really hope the momentum continues and we start getting some more models built. Feel free to pop over and help sort any time! 🙂

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