It’s the little things

A hot coffee on a cold morning
A cold coffee on a hot day
Flowers from a friend
Mum’s crab & camembert quiche
Mum’s baked cheesecake
A weekend away, staying with friends
A midday nap (I hear they are great!)
That first sip of G&T
A cooling thunder storm at the end of a stinking hot day
A friend offering to do a paint job for me, knowing I’ll never get around to it myself
Donating bags upon bags of stuff to Lifeline
My kids being looked after by people who love them, and who are there for them, time and time again
Time and space to pack for our holiday, uninterrupted

It’s all the little things that make up a big life. A life overflowing with love and generosity, kindness and good food, favours that no one keeps count of. If I had to “pay back” every kind thing that people have done for me over the last three years and then some, I would never ask for help again. This is family; this is community; this is what it’s all about; this is where it’s at.

We are heading away to Stanthorpe tomorrow until Sunday. Gran, Grumpy, the kids and I. Getting away can be hard work, (though it’s made easier with my excel packing spreadsheet :-)) but it’s always worth it. In three short weeks, the kids will be back at school, lunches will have to be made, forms to fill out, uniforms to wash, homework to help with. I will enjoy the calm and lack of structure over these three weeks, as I have enjoyed the last four weeks.

I hope, wherever you are in the world, whatever life stage you are in, that you are surrounded by good people, great opportunities, and the courage to embrace them. It’s always worth it in the end xx

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