Punch, Dip & Cake

No this isn’t some awesome new boxing combination, although I would be all over it if it was! I’m talking about the perfect trifecta for a party. Growing up, we were always having parties at our place. Every birthday was celebrated, as well as New Years Eve parties and Christmases. And the three things that were always left over for consumption the next day or two were punch, dip and cake.

Mum’s punch always tasted the same and was always awesome. Then there was the salmon dip that was heavenly with Jatz, or on toast for breakfast. And there’s something very soothing and nostalgic to me about drinking leftover, slightly flat, punch, and eating cake. What a combination.

Today we celebrated Chance and Darby’s birthdays, and I am happy to report that I have leftover punch, a cob loaf spinach dip (yummmmm) and so much cake! We had such a wonderful day and the kids got so spoilt! Huge thanks to Mum and Dad for keeping the kids out of my hair this morning (and having a great time at the beach!), to Nicole for her amazing work on the Mandalorian helmet cake, and to Beth for all your help and delicious brownies, and for loving my kids the way you do, and jumping on the trampoline with them. What a legend!

Thanks to everyone who came!!!! I am utterly exhausted tonight but it was totally worth it.

It always is 🙂

The closest we could get to a Puss in Boots costume!
Soooooooooo much Lego…. 🙂
The perfect end to an amazing day


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