Happy Bonus Day

February 29 has rolled around once more. The last leap year bonus day in 2020 was when I hit publish on my final blog post on my old blog, My Brilliant Foot. My goodness how much has changed since that weekend away! The bonus day before that in 2016 was the final day of my 101 in 1001 days challenge, which unfortunately ended with more of a fizzle than a bang! I have contemplated doing another one of these, but nothing has been decided as yet. The bonus day before that in 2012, I had just broken three bones in my foot and was not in a good way at all! So yeah, lots of eventful bonus days in my life it seems!

I decided I wanted to do something a bit special for this 29th of February, and I was inspired by yet another one of the Talking Point cards that we picked up the other night during dinner:

The question in question

I was very curious about what the kids would come up with and was honestly blown away by some of their answers! Here’s a little sample for you:

Chance: go to Japan; get into uni
Quinn: go to Paris just with Mama (yes please!!); get into districts in High school
Darby: go to NYC; build big Lego like Brickman
Julius: learn to swim fast; learn how to fly a plane

I mean they really put a lot of thought into their answers and I was so impressed! Of course I did a list as well which, among other things, included go to Greece with Marty and go on a three day hike.

So I thought we might put these lists together along with any ideas of where we might want to be on the next bonus day in four years’ time. Chance will just be starting year 12, Quinn year 10, Darby year eight and Julius will be in his final year of primary school. Can you even imagine that?? The kids wrote letters to themselves and drew some pictures to put into the time capsule.

hard at work after school today

We had lasagne for dinner followed by ice-cream and a movie (Lego Ninjago – a family fave!) just because. And here’s a photo of us all right now, just as we are.

I captured us all quite well!

It’s so hard to imagine what life will be like for us all in four years’ time. I just hope we are all healthy and happy and surrounded by family and friends, just as we are now. Happy Bonus Day everyone!

I need to write down where I actually hide this thing… 🙂

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