Quinn is 11!!

This blog post is a couple of weeks late as my laptop has been out of action but here we are! 11!!

So proud!!

For her birthday this year, Quinn decided to go super low-key which was fine by me! The weekend before her birthday, she wanted to have her cousin Aria here for a sleepover then a shopping spree the next day. On the Friday afternoon (it was the public holiday) the girls made the birthday cake then played dolls for a couple of hours (I LOVE that they are still into dolls!) then the did a blind makeup challenge then we had dinner and movie and ice cream of course!

Their make up skills are somewhat interesting!

The next morning we headed to Northlakes early and we were there by 9am to get a great park and just when all the shops were opening. Even though the girls were basically already wearing matchies, they wanted to actually buy matching outfits which was super cute.

Cuteness overload!

I don’t know where the time went but all of a sudden it was midday and I was fatiguing fast! Plus it was a crazy hot day so the shopping centre was well and truly packed by then. We headed home and met up with Aria’s Mum (my cousin Amy) and brother, and Amy and I took all the kids down to Redcliffe lagoon for the afternoon which was great.

Quinn’s actual birthday was lovely with gifts in the morning, ice creams and a walk along the water after school, and dinner at Gran and Grumpy’s in the evening. Quinn desperately wanted a Frank Green water bottle which she bought with her birthday money the week before and it arrived in time to give her on the day which was nice!

Dreams coming true!
I love where we live!
Make a wish beautiful girl xx
Lovely to have everyone together as always

The following weekend, Quinn just wanted to have two of her closest friends over for a sleepover which was easy and lovely as always. The girls made and decorated the cupcakes and played and watched a movie and just hung out together.

Five years of friendship and counting!

Quinn has had such a big year. He teacher last year cemeted all the gratitude and resilience stuff we have been working on for years, and it really blows my mind how beautifully she can now navigate those explosive emotions and feelings that go hand in hand with growing up. She still has the big feelings, but she can take herself through them and come out the other side in such an amazing way. I’m so incredibly proud of the young person she is growing into and am loving being Mama to such a strong-willed, capable, confident daughter.

My little preppie, and today at Leadership Assembly

Happy birthday Quinny. My wish for you this year is that you continue to savour the special moments with your beautiful group of friends; that you support and encourage each other and that you have each other’s backs in the challenging times you will face. You are fortunate to be part of such an amazing group of kids, and it’s such a joy for us mums to see you all growing up so beautifully together. Year six will be amazing in all kids of ways and we can’t wait to enjoy the ride with you xx

Oh my heart

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