Tamborine Getaway 2023

It’s so hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since our four nights away to Tamborine Mountain last year. I just re-read my (very long) blog post about that trip and I can honestly still take myself back there and live off the relaxation that was had, and now I get to add to those feelings, as Marty and I were lucky enough to get back there for three nights this week just gone. Again, we looked at going somewhere different, but we had such a wonderful time last year that it made sense to head on back. We stayed at different accommodation this time which was even better in many ways, and in a great spot, right next to our favourite winery last year, Witches Falls. We didn’t arrive until about 4pm Tuesday, and I was so tired that, while Marty finished off some work, I climbed into bed for an hour of rest. It was very hard to get up again as it was a cold evening and I was so cosy! Marty very kindly went out and picked up Thai for dinner, from the same place as last year, and it was sooooo good.

After a great night sleep, we headed out for brunch at one of the same places as last year, and it was just as good as we remember. Then we hit up the op-shops, finding a third one in our travels that was all kinds of awesome – they all were, in fact and many bargains were found by us both. Still full from brunch, we decided to just grab a coffee then head back to our accommodation to drop the car off and walk next door to Witches Falls. Again, it didn’t disappoint and we really enjoyed the gorgeous afternoon together. We were joined by a seemingly manipulative magpie, which Marty goes into more detail about in his blog post about animals behaving badly.

Adding chapters to our love story…

We rugged up and walked a bit less than 1km up the road to a lookout to watch the sunset. The evening before was spectacular, but the evening we went was just okay as far as sunsets go 🙂 Still amazing, especially the company.

Sharing a favourite wine of ours
A little chilly, but heart-warming for sure

It was State of Origin game two that night, and we ordered pizza from the closer town to us and even though it took 90minutes to get it, it was totally worth it, especially since we also grabbed a tub of Tiramisu. Yummmmmmmm…… The next day we had brunch at another place we had eaten at last year, and again it was so damn delicious. We definitely just could have shared one breakfast (which we ended up doing on our final day there!) and then went to another winery we hadn’t been to called Mason Winery for a tasting. We will definitely spend more time at that one next year (yes, this is now an annual trip!) as the wines were delicious, the grounds were beautiful, and there was a restaurant on site.

We then drove up the road to the launch point for paragliders and just happened to be there at the perfect time – four paragliders were getting ready to take off and gosh it was amazing to watch! I took some videos but no photos (dang it). Well, I did take a couple…

Such a great view ;-)

We headed back for a coffee, and got the outside fire started, then had a glass of wine and some cheese by the fire while Marty did some writing and I did some work on the school fund-raiser that I’m coordinating. An hour turned into two very quickly, and I’m glad I got everything done that I wanted to.

So very cosy

We then rugged up again for the short walk down to a gorgeous Irish Pub called Bailey’s that was absolutely pumping on a Thursday night! We partook in a Guinness and a Kilkenny (well Marty did, I just stole some from time to time) and shared the Pork Knuckle Patties and the Beef and Guinness Pie. Another amazing meal, and although it was very lightly raining, the walk home was an easy one. We had been watching a couple of episodes each night of Season 3 of Ted Lasso which we are absolutely LOVING! And our last night was no different. Just lots of lazing around and not having to worry about anyone but each other. Can highly recommend!

We checked out around 9:30 Friday morning, and as mentined shared another great Brekky (eggs Benny with smoked salmon….) and then headed home to prepare for the afternoon with the kids (as well as organising for a bunch of labels to be printed out for preserve jars!). These little getaways are such a blessing to us and, once again a HUGE shout out to Gran for staying at my place for the three nights, and for Grumpy for helping out heaps as well.

Marty and I are truly grateful for all the love and support we get, and appreciate these little getaways so much. There’s been so much going on that has been keeping me busy, and I’ll update soon, I promise!

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