Pizzey’s 2022

Do you know what today is? Today is washing day. After a fantastic five days away at Pizzey’s, we are home, with the kids relaxing with friends, and me being happy it’s a good drying day. It’s the little things, right? And look at me blogging about our holiday straight away! Winning all round! I feel really grateful that we have been lucky enough to have two amazing getaways these school holidays (with a third one for me coming up, but more on that later) and still have a whole week to lay low and chill with friends before school goes back. (Check out last year’s holiday here.)

We left last Thursday and arrived to beautiful weather, warm greetings from family, and kids to hang with.

Such silliness and so much love

As some of you may recall, last year’s trip was the first time we had stayed over and it was quite stressful, keeping an eye on Darby and Julius the whole time. It got easier as the days went by, but the difference from day one this year was very noticeable. I actually got to relax and enjoy myself as well! 🙂

Me and my crew. How grown up does Quinn look in that photo of us!!??

There were plenty of fish biting and quite a few being caught. We had a number of keepers and got to have fish with dinner over a couple of nights. We mostly threw the fish back, and it was exciting that the kids were actually catching, and not just sitting around waiting, aka, fishing. Julius really blew my mind with his patience and persistence. He was very happy to just sit and wait, and caught at least six fish over several sessions.

A selection of the fish we caught, mainly sooty grunters

And then there’s all the kids to play with!! Marty and two of his sons came up for a day and night as well and it was so lovely having them visit our special place. There were also a few country cousins for the kids to tear around with which keeps everybody happy!

Fires to roast marshmallows, the washing up squad, time together, time fishing
Always nice to get the board games out, and share meals together

The highlights for the kids are always heading to the sandbar for our daily swim, fishing, roasting marshmallows, and spending time with the kids who are there.

All good things about Pizzey’s on the Burrum River
There was a lot of sitting and pondering life, by young and old
Solving the world’s problems, around a campfire

We finally caught one single mud crab yesterday which mum cooked up yesterday before we left, so I’m looking forward to sampling that soon! Once again my heart is full and even though I was exhausted when we got home yesterday, I am thrilled that it was such a successful trip away. It takes a lot of work to get there, and another huge shout out to Gran and Grumpy for sorting all the food and bedding and booze (all the essentials!!) and just always being happy to go with the flow and always being keen and available to go on these adventures with us. There’s no way I could do that kind of holiday on my own with the kids still being so young.

As I finish this post, I can hear the washing machine slowly spinning to a halt, and I am happy. Life is good.

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