Darby is 7!!

Yes that’s right folks. Our little Darby-scooby-doo-the-poopser-nicompoop turned 7 on the 7th of December.

There is so much I can say about Darby. This year has been a really significant one for him, as it was confirmed that he has ADHD and since that diagnosis, things have changed quite a lot. All I really ever wanted was for him to be the best version of himself that he could be, and before we started medication, there was just too much going on for him to make sense of. Now he has ability to pause before he acts and that has made such a big difference in our day-to-day goings on.

The hand-stitched skateboard that Chance and Gran made, for his stuffed toy snake. He loved it!!

He had a cracking year at school, despite a few teacher changes (not because of him! 🙂 and is ready to jump into the challenges that year two will bring! He asks such great questions when we’re just hanging out, and I’ve taken to writing them down. He is so inquisitive and I can see him working things out as he goes.

He wanted a birthday cake that looked like the yellow SuperMario Box… see below!

This year he wanted to go to an arcade with some friends, so on the weekend between the two boys’ birthdays, that’s what we did and it was just fantastic! The kids had an absolute blast on the games and I had the best time playing air hockey!!

Best game ever!!

Darby has found himself a lovely group of friends (who have fabulous parents also – HUGE bonus!!) and it was so lovely seeing them tear around together.

The cake!

We finished his actual birthday off with home made cheeseburgers and his bestie and family, and it was a wonderful way to cap-off the pre-Christmas birthday shenanigans.

Say cheeeeeeseburgers!!

Darby, your curiosity and kindness are two of my favourite things about you. You have the biggest heart, the biggest smile, and the biggest dimples and we think you are such a great kid. You notice things about people; if they have had a hair cut, or if I’m wearing a new dress, and you make people feel special because you notice them and you take the time to speak to them. You have boundless energy that used to exhaust me, but I’m learning to embrace it and I love to see you shine. My wish for you for this year is to continue to ask those questions, and continue to really listen to those around you who give you their time.

I love you like crazy bananas, and you are the biggest crazy banana of all.
Mama xx

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