Chance is 11

On this day in 2010 at 10:01pm I became a mum. What an incredible journey I have been on ever since.

No matter where we moved, I found my village, starting with my beautiful mums group in Wangaratta, and currently with my Nashvillagers in Brighton, as well as so many mums and dads and friends and family along the way.

This kid can have me in stitches, and obviously cracks himself up also!

Love me some layer Minecraft cake!

Chance, you are such a joyful human being. You are kind, loyal, sensitive, empathetic, inclusive and you make me so proud to be your mum. Sure we have had our challenges along the way, and we always will, but the way you can take a breath and gather yourself and your thoughts and work through whatever comes your way, is to be admired. You work hard to overcome obstacles and you make people feel heard and seen – what a gift.

I have noticed these past 12 months in particular, how much I really enjoy your company, especially in the evenings. When you went away for two nights on school camp in June, I really noticed your absence, and couldn’t wait to find out what adventures you had been on.

Those early days and week and months, when you were a baby, were really hard. The sleep deprivation was a killer and it was hard to see past the fog and believe it could get better or easier. Well I’m pleased to report, that many things have become better an easier. You make me smile and you make me proud in big and small ways, and I’m so grateful for your understanding and forgiveness when I make mistakes.

I was cranky at myself about something recently, and you actually said to me “Mama, stop being so hard on yourself.” I listened, and I stopped being so hard on myself and was able to move on. What compassion.

I know I rely on you a lot to help out, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all you do for our family. My wish for you in these next 12 months is that you have a wonderful final year of primary school with your lovely friends and that everything you put out into the world comes back to you in spades.

Happy birthday Chance. I love you like crazy bananas.
Love, Mama xx

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