A mixed bag

Gosh has it really only been 6 days since my last blog post? There has been so much happening around here! Let’s get into it!

The Christmas tree is up!! And we love it 🙂

I spent most of Tuesday in hospital with this nugget. He had a pretty nasty post-viral wheeze that we couldn’t get under control so off we went to Prince Charles Emergency around 11am and got home just before 9pm. I’m pretty sure he actually has asthma but we haven’t had a test or formal diagnosis. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of things early in the new year!

Gran and Grumpy took all four kids on “Thursday train day”, even though it was raining on and off. They really are legends. They went to Toombul, played in a playground, went to the shops and did some Christmas shopping, got Maccas for lunch, and just had the best day out! Thanks Mum and Dad!

That afternoon and evening, Julius started spewing and I was convinced we were all in for a week or two of gastro, but thankfully it stopped after a few hours and nobody else caught it. Was sooooooo relieved!

Friday morning I drove up to the Sunny Coast to dismantle and pick up this:

It’s a gift from our very good family friends for the kids for Christmas, and it joins on to the other Vuly climbing thing they gifted the kids last year! Huge thanks to my cousin’s husband who kindly met me at the person’s house I was buying it from, and took it all apart for me! I would have been there forever without his help!!

Yesterday I spent the day with these lovely ladies and our lovely girls! Such a cracking day, but super hot and I did NOT stay well hydrated and paid for it for most of the afternoon and evening! Silly Renny….

Our friend Chris Topher came to stay for a couple of nights, and the kids loved showing him a few episode of Bluey. My kids have in fact introduced several people to this TV show! It’s the best!

The kids have been taking full advantage of our huge yard on hot days, and Chance is now old enough to set up the slip n slide all by himself! Winning!

It was gingerbread man baking and decorating day today. The “activity” lasted well over three hours, on and off, and I acquired well over three new grey hairs!! A lot of work but SO worth it. And Chance and Quinn really are very helpful!

And as if today wasn’t already full enough, I was determined to do a huge toy clear out, giveaway and tidy up! It wasn’t as thorough as I normally manage over the September holidays (when I was planning on doing it, until life got in the way) but it was good enough going into Christmas. I managed to get rid of quite a bit of crap, but there’s still more to go through. It’s a good start! This is obviously “during”….

So that brings me to Sunday evening, nearly 9pm. My feet are killing me, my neck is not happy with me (slept funny and it’s been in a spasm most of the day) but the house is tidier than it was this morning, the kitchen is clean for the morning shift, and I’m feeling like I achieved a lot in the last few days. The kids have been mostly playing incredibly well, and on their own, and today they made up heaps of games all together to play. It was so beautiful to watch and listen to, and really made my day.

The fact that they were all in bed by 7:35pm and asleep not much later than that also added to my contentment. I think it might also be my bedtime. I hate going to bed before 10pm but 1. I’m completely shattered and 2. It just started raining; my absolute favourite weather in the world. It’s a sign.

Night night xx

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