A bumper weekend

Oh wow what a weekend it’s been ! I’m happily sitting on the couch with my laptop, watching the Swans take on the Suns, with a steady rain falling outside, and wanted to document all the things.

One of my happy places

Let’s get straight into it! Uncle Khicken and Aunty Kate were up for the weekend for a family wedding (more on that later) and after a bit of a delay arriving Friday night, the kids were thrilled to welcome them here with lots of cuddles before heading to bed. We went over to Gran and Grumpy’s the next morning for brunch and the weather was glorious!

Beautiful start to the day!

Uncle Khicken and Aunty Kate then took the kids out for some fun and games. Literally… 🙂 They hit the arcade and went out for lunch, and Uncle Khicken always has a few games of chess with anyone who is keen!

Arcade, shenanigans, chess time!

When they got back it was time for the adults to get dressed up and head out. My aunty Donna got married to her partner Lee yesterday afternoon and we had such a great time.

We scrub up pretty nicely 🙂

I didn’t actually take any photos at the wedding as I was having too much fun! There was a photo booth there (see cousin photo above) and we got a few great shots. We didn’t have a great night sleep again – going on three weeks of kids coughing overnight which is zero fun, but I should be able to have a little nap this arvo and an early night for all tonight!

And that takes us to this morning! As of last Tuesday afternoon, Chance is the newest member of the U14 mixed Aussie Rules team at the Sandgate Hawks! He trained for the first time on Friday, after a mad dash to Rebel on Thursday night with Marty to buy some size 13 footy boots, and had his debut game today. He spent most of the first quarter on the bench (he was the only sub) which was good as the coaches were explaining the positions to him, having never played before, so once they put him on in the ruck (the middle!) he knew a little of what he had to do.

He’s the tall one going for the ball in the centre!
Lucky number 18!

Marty had taken Chance down early for the pre-game warm up while I waited for Quinn to be picked up for Creative Generations rehearsal, and I had to drop off Darby and Julius to Gran and Grumpy’s as it was raining on and off and they weren’t keen to come down. They were a goal umpire short, so Marty being the generous soul he is, and understanding that sports clubs are built off the back of volunteers, happily filled that position.

There was a bit of action down his end in the first and third quarters

Chance was so wonderfully supported by the coaches and his team mates, and he was thrilled with how he went. He got quite a few touches and a few kicks and handballs, and even though he was exhausted when he got home, he said he wanted to get more fit so he could keep up in the games. I really am so happy for him, and am looking forward to being a football mum!

I’ve also done some baking and washing, and just had a telehealth appointment to ask once more about Julius’ cough and if there is absolutely anything we can do, but it sounds like he and Quinn might both have the whooping cough bug, which could mean another month or two of this cough. So brutal. But we will get there.

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