Nanny’s cake tins

I found them! Okay, so you didn’t know this, but I recently went looking for my beloved Nanny’s cake tins – the ones she cooked her infamous cakes in for all those years, and for whatever reason I could not find them. I started getting really worried and sad that I may have misplaced them, or worse, accidentally gotten rid of them in one of our moves. Nanny has been gone for over 11 years, but I still think about her most days. She was just such a special lady. Earlier today I was decorating Julius’ birthday cake for tomorrow (photos to come, obviously) and I was thinking to myself that I needed to come up with blog content for today’s post. I started rummaging around in my corner cupboard which is overflowing with all kinds of cake and muffin and baking tins, and I FOUND THEM!!!!!

I’m so happy and relieved and really need to take them for a spin some time. And as a bonus, I have some blog content. I’m not sure my cakes will ever be as epic as Nanny’s were, but I’m sure keen to give it a go some time. Amy and Emma and I were talking about how we need to get together to cook pierogi again some time as it’s been far too long, so we might have to bake a cake as well! I’ll sign off there. It’s late, I’m tired, and we have a big weekend ahead of us.

Nanny absolutely fell in love with Chance when he was born.
She could not get enough of him. It was so beautiful to watch.

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