Before and After: the boys’ room

This one was a particularly hard project for me. If Gran hadn’t come over, there’s no way it would have gotten done. Even with Gran here, I spent a good half an hour umming and aahing (and sighing) and not wanting to get into it. In the past I have generally just dumped everything onto the floor in the middle of the room, done a big sort and a little cull. I didn’t really feel like doing that this time, so box by box, I sorted and actually ended up doing a huge cull. This is what it started out as:

Sometimes you just have to start with one box

You can understand why I didn’t wanna, right? Little by little, I sorted while Mum cleaned and sorted Lego from non-Lego, and after a few hours, we ended up with this:

From little changes, big changes can be seen

The cull was mighty indeed. I loaded up Gran’s car with eight bags full of toys and some books and clothes and there were a few bags of rubbish to go in the bin also. I downsized the dress-ups in a big way, and removed two boxes of toys that I have stashed away for the time being. I’ve always wanted to get into the whole “toy rotation” movement, but it was just something else to keep up with. I guess the plan is to bring them out in six months or so and see if the kids are still interested. Or make the executive decision to sell them/give them away. Let’s see shall we?

Another area that I tackled on the same day were the spaces above both kids rooms wardrobes. There were many dust bunnies up there, and although I don’t have photographic proof, it got done and felt great.

I’m still deciding on the next area to tackle. Watch this space! Aaaaaaaaaallllll this space!! 🙂

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