Ev’ry day I’m shuffling

My friend Beth and I completed the Jetty 2 Jetty 5k today. Fresh-faced pre-race:

And a sweaty mess post-race. Well I am at least. Beth barely broke a sweat 😆

Today marks the end of a crappy fortnight that can, quite frankly, go and have adult relations with itself. It’s been rough. And sad. And depressing. And not particular joyous. I signed up for this fun run a couple of months ago on a whim, and Beth very kindly offered to keep me company.

After attending a funeral yesterday, there was no part of me that wanted to front up for a 5k “fun run” that I hadn’t specifically trained for. If it weren’t for knowing that Beth would be waiting for me at the starting line, I almost certainly would have bailed. So I was both thanking and cursing her this morning. âĪ😒

This is Beth and I at our first (and only other) 5k run together, back in August 2013 in Townsville.

Seven years ago I ran with very painful sciatica. Today I ran (not the whole way) injury free (apart from the plantar fasciitis and arthritis in my feet!! 😎ðŸĪŠ) and to be honest, just showing up and giving it a go was more than enough for me. Mum and Dad brought the kids down to cheer us on at the half way point – what a beautiful boost that was.

I don’t want to make any wild declarations, but I really would love to properly train for the 10k next year. Or at least make the 5k race an annual event for us. I know Beth is keen – she always is! 🙂

I have been benefiting from the exercise endorphins since then, and it is giving me hope and faith that how I’m feeling right now will not last forever. There was nothing in particular that sparked this moment of joy; just driving home on a beautiful day with a great song playing, and I realised I wasn’t dreading the loads of washing or the meal prep that comes with the start of another school term. It’s easy to tell other people that their Black Dog won’t always be bigger than them, but it’s hard when you’re in the thick of it.

Thank you Beth for your encouragement, company and never-ending support. Thank you Mum and Dad for bringing the kids down to cheer us on. Hearing “go Mama go Mama go Mama” nearly made me cry, in a good way. Thank you to everyone who has had my back these last two weeks, and always. I’m not sure that I’m quite out of the woods just yet, but I know I’m on my way, and that is huge.

Truly. Thank you xx

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